Energy production plays a vital role in the Colorado economy. We support the production and use of coal, natural gases, wind, petroleum, biofuels, hydraulic fracturing, hydropower, and nuclear power. We know that the free market will determine the best sources and use of these energy resources and that government should not choose winners or losers in the energy market.


We believe the public education system in the United States is broken. While we applaud student-focused legislation, we are confident that the only way to fix the system is to introduce market-based mechanisms. We support policies that allow for competition and reward schools for producing college-prepared and workforce-ready students for the future.


We believe that every individual should have access to equal economic opportunity, which only free markets can provide. Advancing Colorado will work to limit burdensome government over-regulation and intervention into free markets and reduce the tax burden on hard working citizens. We oppose policies that choose winners and losers and support policies that provide economic growth and opportunity.


Advancing Colorado supports policies that protect our individual and Constitutional rights. We believe the government should not abridge our freedom of speech, that individuals have the liberty to freely practice religion, that government has no right to search your house without a warrant, and that all Constitutional rights are equally worthy of protection.


Property rights are the foundation for a free society. Advancing Colorado believes that each individual owns the fruit of his or her own labor. Any attempt to confiscate another’s property—through taxation, prohibition, or other means is not only theft but also a violation of the fundamental idea that an individual has freedom over his or her own property.


We believe in strong Fiscal Responsibility. At the federal level, fiscal responsibility is paying down our debt and balancing the budget. At the state level, fiscal responsibility is returning unused funds back to the people. We fully support the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, and we do not support massive government projects that put the State of Colorado into debt.