1. Coloradans.

2. A coalition of Colorado citizens concerned with government overreach and abuse of power.

3. Committed to bringing true economic opportunity to all individuals.

4. Devoted to ensuring top-notch public education for all Colorado citizens.

5. Proud supporters of free markets and fiscal responsibility.


Established in 2014, Advancing Colorado is a nonpartisan coalition of concerned and engaged citizens, community leaders and other stakeholders interested in promoting a strong economy and an environment of opportunity for Colorado families.

To accomplish its purposes, Advancing Colorado will work to advance public policies aimed at creating a strong free-market environment that will provide true economic opportunity, limiting burdensome government over-regulation, eliminating unwarranted government intervention into free markets, asserting the proper role of state government in the face of over-reaching federal policies and regulation, reducing the tax burden on hard-working citizens, protecting the property rights of Coloradans, protecting and preserving liberty and freedom for all citizens, promoting the benefits of choice and free-market principles in education policy, encouraging personal responsibility, affirming the primacy of the parental rights over government coercion, and in general protecting the property rights and liberties of all Coloradans.

Advancing Colorado will conduct educational programs to inform Colorado residents of the benefits of public policies promoting good governance, free markets, property rights, individual liberty, and personal responsibility. Advancing Colorado will also promote the advancement and implementation of policies by federal, state and local officials to carry out these goals.

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